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National Telecom Provider

FSG Smart Buildings integrated a monitoring solution that allowed the national telecom provider to use its existing equipment in one platform and installed new systems tailored and customized to meet its exact needs.

The Challenge

With three disparate, legacy systems in place, one of the nation’s leading telecommunication companies was struggling to manage outdated technology with no ability for enterprise access and global set point changes. This, coupled with a corporate commitment to cut its company-wide carbon footprint in half by 2020, left the client with the need to standardize energy management across its portfolio.

The Solution

Using the Niagara Framework®, FSG has deployed over 500 systems for the customer and is consistently adding to the national portfolio.

The Niagara Framework was able to bridge the disparate systems within the customer’s portfolio and provide connectivity with lighting, HVAC and indoor air quality. Initially, FSG replaced 150 legacy systems with JACEs. FSG also began deploying JENEsys® Edge™ controllers to drive the cost point down for the customer and provide them with a future ready device that also offered cloud level support.

With the Niagara integration, FSG customized a prioritized event-handling process to address EMS alarms. As a result, FSG monitors the site-level EMS alarms for the client. FSG continuously monitors 84 points of data hourly across 600+ locations for the client. FSG also routinely tests mechanical equipment remotely and assists in guiding vendors to make preventative maintenance repairs. One such example is performing cooling tests to help identify underperforming HVAC units before they break down.

"We're a technology company. We are innovative. We are looking to utilize the newest technology out there. The FSG system brings the ability for us to monitor kW draw, understand power input, and allows us to monitor our energy reduction associated with our LEDs upgrade."

With the successful integration of the Niagara Framework in the client’s portfolio, the telecommunications provider was able to exceed its carbon intensity goal four years ahead of target, reporting a 54% reduction in the first quarter of 2016. In addition to meeting its carbon goals, the client reports an average reduction of 1,092,662 kWh per year.

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