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Cut Costs and Increase Profits with Convenience Store Automation

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Take the stress out of everyday tasks with a c-store automation solution, so you can spend less time focusing on your stores and more time focusing on your customers.

A Smart Platform for Smart Buildings

Chariot is the cloud-based software platform for unifying all your building and operational technology. Bring your energy, asset and IoT data together.

Spend less time running your store and more time serving your customers.

Reduce Costs

Decrease energy, operational and maintenance spend in your convenience store.

Future-Proof Stores

Upgrade your forecourt with EMV retrofits o prepare for the future.

Ensure Compliance

Automate logging for government, health code, and corporate compliance.

Monitor and Connect

See and act on your c-store anytime, anywhere with the Chariot platform.

FSG Smart Buildings is a proud member of the following convenience store organizations.

Automation Services We Offer

Lighting & Signage

Bright ideas for c-stores. Make sure your store feels safe and inviting. Design lighting packages, retrofit to LEDs for energy savings, remotely control your lights, and monitor your signage for real-time maintenance issues.
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HVAC & Refrigeration

Keep your cold foods cold, your hot foods hot, and your customers comfortable. Remotely monitor and adjust your thermostats. Automate temperature logging for health code compliance, corporate compliance, and food safety.
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Future-proof your forecourt. Leverage low-cost EMV retrofit and skimmer protection solutions to keep you in compliance and safe from criminals. Install EV charging stations to tap into a new, loyal customer base.
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Skimmer Protection

FSG's skimmer protection solution gives your real-time monitoring of credit card skimmers at your fuel dispensers so you can protect your customers from fraud.

FSG Smart Buildings is proud to work with our convenience store partners to help deliver automation solutions nationwide.

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Watch C-Store Automation: Building the Store of the Future


A Smart Platform for Smart Buildings

Designed with multi-site energy management and building automation systems in mind, Chariot is the cloud-based software for real-time control, monitoring and analysis of building systems.

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The FSG Smart Buildings Difference

When it comes to selecting a partner for your building automation system, it's important to know you're covered from start to finish. At FSG Smart Buildings, we handle the entire process - from design to install to monitoring and maintaining the system on the backend. With a fully-staffed development and engineering team, thousands of technicians deployed nationwide, and a 24/7/365 support center, FSG Smart Buildings can help be your trusted advisor for any system at any time.


Hypothesis-driven approach to protocols, devices, APIs and integrations to create the optimal solution.

Pilot Projects

Validate our Chariot Labs solution in a real-world configuration at one of your locations.

National Installs

Fast installation of hundreds to thousands of locations with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Chariot Platform

One enterprise console to manage and monitor your entire portfolio from any desktop, tablet or smartphone. 


Prevent truck rolls by remotely troubleshooting and de-escalating issues with HVAC techs, engineers and automation SMEs.

24/7 Support

Dispatch trucks as needed during peak and non-peak hours to reduce maintenance spend.

Any device. Any system. Any facility. Any time. Automating your buildings has never been easier.

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How Smart 
C-Stores Do More Than Lower Costs

When it's your job to run your company's facilities, it feels like the work is never done. You're always finding lights that have been left on, thermostats that magically change themselves, and minor maintenance issues that aren't being reported before they become big problems. You can't be everywhere at once.

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