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Invenco Partnership

FSG Smart Buildings and Invenco-i2: Nationwide Outdoor EMV Retrofits

Outdoor EMV retrofit solutions on a monthly payment model delivered with minimal disruption to your business. FSG Smart Buildings has partnered with Invenco to be a nationwide deployment arm for Invenco-i2 - installing Outdoor Payment Terminals across the US. Ensure your dispensers meet the October 2020 deadline and upgrade today.

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"Invenco-i2 delivers fully EMV compliant Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPTs), high-speed Ethernet over existing wires, servicing, support, upgrades and warranty as a total solution - from $110 per pump/per month. The OPTs are contactless capable with 2D scanner and printer included. It is a fast, cost effective answer to EMV with minimal upfront capital required."

Craig Panter
Chief Business Development Officer, Invenco

The deadline for EMV card readers at gas pumps in the United States is October 2020. With Invenco's product suite of EMV-compliant outdoor payment terminals and FSG's nationwide installation and commissioning services, ensure your convenience stores are compliant with a low-cost retrofit solution today.

Benefits of the Partnership

Turnkey design, installation, commissioning and project management by single-source provider
Access to Invenco's product line of low-cost, high-value EMV retrofit solutions for your convenience store
Meet October 2020 EMV compliance deadline and retrofit your dispensers on an expedited timeline
Utilize the Invenco-i2 solution for an all-in-one EMV solution with low monthly payments to achieve compliance

About Invenco

Invenco is a global provider of self service payment solutions with a range of including outdoor payment terminals, electronic payment servers, innovative forecourt solutions, and cloud services. In learning more about Invenco you will come to understand how it is revolutionizing self-service payments with its open platform approach.

Invenco continues to build on its legacy of ground up engineering in security and rugged automation to deliver robust technology solutions to petroleum and other retail segments. Invenco works through its network of partners, including FSG, to deliver geographically optimized versions of its products around the world.

About the Invenco G6 OPT

The Invenco G6 OPT (Outdoor Payment Terminal) is an industrial multimedia device, tailor-made for the outdoors. Features include: EMV contact and contactless payment as standard, high-res touchscreen, thermal printer, and barcode scanner.

The G6 OPT supports a wide range of payment options including: debit, credit, contactless, mobile, loyalty, vouchers and coupons. The G6 OPT is small enough to fit into any standard retail oil pump head, drive-thru pedestal or vending machine. The 66 OPT is fully EMV compliant.

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About the Invenco-i2 Model

Invenco-i2 is the revolutionary EMV-as-a-Service solution for small to medium site owners in the US. From just $110 per month, per pump, Invenco-i2 brings together the hardware, software, network and services small to medium US retailers need to be EMV compliant - today and for the future.

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Learn more about the FSG-Invenco Partnership

Press ReleaseInvenco Website

EMV Compliance for Convenience Stores 101

By October 2020, all gas stations in the United States are expected to have EMV compatible card readers at all fuel dispensers. By most accounts, the likelihood of 100% compliance by the 2020 deadline are incredibly slim. So what is EMV compliance, why does it matter, and what measures can you take to meet the approaching deadline?

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Why Choose FSG Smart Buildings?

When it comes to selecting your EMV retrofit, it is important to know that you are covered from start to finish. FSG Smart Buildings is a national leader in technology installations and is committed to ensuring your Invenco solution is handled with minimum disruption to your business.

Choose Your System

Choose the Invenco EMV solution that best fits your needs, and FSG will work with Invenco to secure your retrofits.

Install & Commission

FSG’s national footprint of controls techs will install and commission your EMV retrofit solution.


FSG offers 24/7 monitoring and support of your EMV solution with a fully-staffed team of  experts.

With an EMV retrofit solution from FSG Smart Buildings and Invenco, you can rest easy knowing your dispensers are compliant and future-ready. Contact us today to get started on your EMV retrofit solution.

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