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Lynxspring Partnership

FSG Smart Buildings and Lynxspring: Turnkey Building Automation & Integration Solutions

Building automation and energy management simplified. Utilizing Lynxspring's  JENEsys® product suite of controllers, bridges, gateways and extension modules as the hardware backbone, FSG Smart Buildings deploys open controls solutions for intelligent buildings to drive energy and operational efficiencies across multiple buildings and industries.

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"Lynxspring is excited to be one of the selected partners to work closely with FSG. Our partnership is a strong combination leveraging the strengths and expertise of our respective companies as well as our shared vision and complementary expertise to deliver operational performances and energy efficiency outcomes demanded by building owners and operators today."

Terry Swope
CEO, Lynxspring

Intelligent buildings you can trust. Sourcing the right connection, building automation and integration hardware can be hard, with a seemingly never-ending list of protocols and vendors to choose from. FSG believes it should be easy to connect, integrate and control your buildings, which is why FSG Smart Buildings and Lynxspring have partnered to provide open controls solutions designed to bridge disparate systems and enable users to manage and operate their facilities efficiently and at maximum performance levels.

Benefits of the Partnership

Turnkey design, installation, commissioning and project management by single-source provider
Access to the Lynxspring JENEsys® suite of connected building automation hardware products and gateways
Lynxspring products are open connection and integrate seamlessly with FSG's Chariot platform
Enterprise application allows you to scale your smart building strategy across your entire portfolio of buildings

About Lynxspring

Founded in 2002, Lynxspring embraces open software and hardware platforms and develops, manufactures and distributes edge-to-enterprise solutions and IoT technology for today's intelligent buildings, energy management systems, equipment control and specialty machine-to-machine applications.

The JENEsys® Edge™ products are a new generation of controllers combining the Niagara Framework® with Lynxspring's Onyxx® platform. JENEsys® Edge™ combines a controller, gateway and web server duties all into a single device.

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JENESYS® EDGE™ 534 IoT Controller

The JENEsys® Edge™ 534 IoT Controller  is a fully programmable Niagara Controller with 34 IOs built-in and expandable up to 306 IOs, delivering edge connectivity, interoperability, data access and analytics for today's buildings, energy management, machine-to-machine applications and IoT environments.

The JENEsys® Intelligent Building Operating System is an open control system, using open protocols and open standards for any size and type of building.

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Why Choose FSG Smart Buildings?

When it comes to selecting a building automation solution, it is important to know that you are covered from start to finish. FSG Smart Buildings is a national leader in automation and controls and is committed to ensuring your smart building solution is handled to your exact specifications.

Audit & Design

FSG will audit your facilities and design a custom building automation solution to meet your needs.

JENEsys Architecture

FSG will build your system utilizing Lynxspring's  JENEsys® product suite of automation hardware.

Install & Commission

FSG’s national footprint of controls techs will install and commission your building automation solution.

Chariot Platform

FSG connects your automation system to our enterprise software, Chariot, for remote control and visibility.


FSG offers 24/7 monitoring and support of your  solution with a fully-staffed team of controls experts.

With an automation solution from FSG Smart Buildings using Lynxpring's JENEsys® hardware, you know you are getting an open, scalable building automation platform that is future-ready. Streamline your energy management, building automation, and more with maximum interoperability and efficiency designed with your business in mind.

Any device. Any system. Any facility. Any time. Automating your buildings has never been easier.

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