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FSG Smart Buildings - A Year in Review

Oh, how things can change in a year. Learn about the advancements of FSG Smart Buildings that have taken place over the last 12 months, and how we can help you solve your building automation challenges today!

A year ago, our business unit was known as FSG Energy, and our energy management system was known as Clarity. On November 4, 2018, our Chief Product Officer, Justin McCullough, and VP of Product, Adam Haynes, appeared on the ControlTalkNow podcast to introduce the Control Trends audience to our hardware agnostic control and EMS approach.

Some of the things Justin and Adam were touched on in November 2018:

  • Our dedicated call center that processes north of 9 million alarms per year
  • Our custom-built solution for better, more efficient alarm management
  • How we approach cloud based controls and data analytics
  • Adoption of existing legacy systems as opposed to replacing components business owners have already made a sizeable investment in
  • Being the single pane of glass and source of truth 
  • Bringing together competing systems that would, otherwise, require multiple user interfaces to gather pertinent data
  • Gathering data in real time to create reports and custom alerts
  • Disrupting markets with innovation 
  • Creating solutions where problems had not even been realized yet
  • And much, much more (just watch/listen to the episode - it’s quite good)

Since this episode a few things have changed:

  • FSG Energy was named the 2018 Control Trends Master Systems Integrator of the Year
  • FSG Energy was rebranded as FSG Smart Buildings to better reflect our full capacity of products and services aimed at empowering businesses of all types and sizes to be the best, most efficient version of themselves
  • We have moved to replace our previous-generation EMS platform, Clarity, with a full blown Building Automation System (BAS) with more robust EMS capabilities than Clarity ever had: Chariot™

Other than that- we’re pretty much the same. Our values around ownership, accountability, transparency, and integrity are the same. Our approach to crafting a better way to manage your facilities is unwavered and constantly being iterated on day by day. Our core belief that your buildings should work for you, not the other way around has gone unchanged. 

FSG Smart Buildings is, and always will be, here to be your trusted advisor in all things facility management. If you simply want to turn your lights on from your phone or if you can’t afford a facility manager but need those types of services at a fraction of the cost- we’ve got you covered. 

That said, for as much as our vision, intention, and means stay the same, we love being different and disruptive. Drop us a line or check out our events page to see where we can meet up. We would love to chat and get to know you and your business!

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