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Why Your Facilities are Thankful for Smart Devices

You’ve heard the phrase, “If these walls could talk," but what if they actually could? What would they tell you? Imagine how thankful your building would be if it had the capability to reach out to you when it was in trouble via smart devices.

A living being is sentient and capable of informing another when they are in pain or otherwise ailing or in trouble. If you are stuck in traffic, you are aware of this fact and can call your job or family to alert them you will be late. Your car, being non-sentient, is oblivious to the fact it is idling in traffic burning fuel and releasing excess exhaust. 

Like your car, your buildings are entirely unaware of what is happening inside them. If a water main breaks in the middle of the night and no one knows until the following morning, your building could suffer irreparable damage. Imagine how thankful your building would be if it had the capability to reach out to you the minute water is detected. You could immediately jump to action and mitigate the issue before your entire capital investment is underwater (pun intended). 

In much the same way Dug the dog from the Pixar movie, Up, was thrilled to have the ability to speak via a special collar, your buildings would certainly appreciate being able to communicate to you when conditions are not optimal. 

Complete catastrophic failure is not a commonplace occurrence, but things happen. An IoT and sensor-based controls system empowers a building with the parts and smarts needed to provide you the information you deem critical:

  • Is lighting being used efficiently? Make sure you are keeping up with corporate and local mandates around energy usage and conservation. Confirm demand response and control usage.
  • Is it too hot or too cold? See to it that tenants and guests in your facilities are consistently comfortable. Identify potential performance issues to get ahead of costly repairs before they happen. 
  • Is your equipment running properly? Monitor and verify your energy usage anytime. Know when your critical equipment is being turned on/off or operating in unexpected ways in real-time.
  • Is your sign on or off? Don’t lose business due to a sign outage causing potential customers to believe you are closed. Protect your brand and know when your sign needs attention or repair.
  • Is the food safe to eat? Make sure that stored food items are kept their appropriate temperatures. Hot foods should be kept hot and cold foods should be kept cold. It’s as simple as that. 

Just imagine how thankful your buildings will be once you have given them voices. Once upon a time, there was no option to have remote connectivity to your facilities and equipment. Now, not only can you control a fixture, you can gather data from it to determine when there might be a potential equipment failure you can prevent with early intervention. 

The equipment you put in your buildings today could be around for the next couple decades. Take care of it, empower it with a voice and treat it like it matters. Whether you have an existing controls solution or are wanting to build something from scratch, contact FSG Smart Buildings today to get started. 

From our family to yours, have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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