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Custom Alarm Management Software

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FlightDeck is the custom building automation and energy management system alarm management software by FSG Smart Buildings, helping our expert monitoring team remotely diagnose and triage alarms.

A Smart Platform for Smart Buildings

Chariot is the cloud-based software platform for unifying all your building and operational technology. Bring your energy, asset and IoT data together.

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At FSG Smart Buildings, we understand how difficult it is to manage and triage all your building automation alarms. That's why we built FlightDeck for our Customer Support Center - so we can effectively direct alarm traffic for our clients and solve critical building issues.

Efficient Alarm Management

With FlightDeck, all building automation and energy management alarms are flowing into a single dashboard for action.

Dedicated Account Management

FlightDeck allows FSG to manage rules for client SLAs and directly communicate with customers concerning critical alarms.

Preventative Maintenance

FlightDeck allows our Customer Support technicians to track alarm trends to diagnose equipment issues & maintenance.

Used by our Monitoring Team

FlightDeck is the alarm management software FSG's Customer Support Center uses to monitor client systems.

How FlightDeck Works

Most alarm managers behave passively, meaning you receive alarms but not much else. At FSG, we believe if you make the choice to invest in contracted alarm management, the job should been done better than you could do it yourself. FlightDeck was born from that idea.

FlightDeck receives alarms via API or email and can handle thousands of alarms per minute. The Customer Support Center at FSG Smart Buildings is comprised of HVAC technicians, electrical contractors and master integrators: monitoring and servicing alarms is our specialty.

Step One: Capture

Alarms are not just passively received. Instead, they are actively captured and taken into custody for further investigation.

Step Two: Analyze

FlightDeck is capable of identifying things like duplicate alarms and pattern behavior before distribution to an agent.

Step Three: Action

Agents are able to track issues with chain of custody, artifacts & account history in order to determine the most appropriate action.

Our Customer Support Center Runs On FlightDeck

Our 24/7/365 Customer Support Center is staffed with electricians, engineers and controls experts equipped to help you triage alarms, troubleshoot mechanical problems and de-escalate issues in real-time.

  • EMS-related troubleshooting
  • Lighting schedule changes
  • Electrician dispatching
  • And more
  • Weekly health reporting
  • Dedicated account management
  • Work order tracking
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FlightDeck Works with Any System

At FSG Smart Buildings, we understand how difficult managing your energy management and building automation system alarms can be. That's why we built FlightDeck, so we can help businesses nationwide monitor and triage the data from their systems. FlightDeck is system agnostic and works with all system providers, including: 

Automated Logic (ALC)
And more

Any device. Any system. Any facility. Any time. Automating your buildings has never been easier.

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