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Simplify Your Site Audits & Installations

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Plaid is a site audit and QA documentation software allowing users to create, customize and track audit tasks in real-time. Built for scalability, Plaid is customizable to any industry or project type.

A Smart Platform for Smart Buildings

Chariot is the cloud-based software platform for unifying all your building and operational technology. Bring your energy, asset and IoT data together.

Back office time saved
Audit time saved

Your site audits may be complex, but managing them shouldn’t be.  With Plaid, customizing and tracking your audits and installations has never been easier.

Custom Task Assignments

With Plaid, audits and installs can be set up with custom tasks to guide contractors and ensure all critical data sets are collected.

Web-Based Admin Management

Audits and installs can be created, assigned, tracked & reviewed through the web-based admin interface.

Web Application for the Field

Plaid's mobile-friendly web application is used by installers and contractors in the field to view their assigned tasks.

Real-Time Status Tracking

Track your audits and installs anytime, anywhere. Notify administrators the moment tasks are completed.

Plaid has been used for more than 5,000 site audits and installs for the following companies:

Plaid for the Administrator

Step One: Create a Job

With Plaid, administrators can easily set up jobs and assign tasks for completion.

  • Project Name
  • Client Information
  • Site Information
  • Work order details
  • Time/technician scheduling
  • And more

Step Two: Customize Your  Template

Customize your audits and installs to the exact needs of your business. Plaid is set up so you can create and format your job templates to meet any need for a job task list. Each task can collect a variety of data, including:

  • Easily document qualities
  • Audit photos
  • Select from predefined options
  • Describe findings
  • Write job notes
  • And more

Step Three: Review & Edit

After a audit or install is completed, Plaid automatically notifies the administrator to review. Easily download your audit spreadsheet and photos. Plaid also allows administrators to edit jobs or reissue if incomplete.

Plaid in the Field

Step One: View Audit/Install Schedule

With the Plaid web application, set your team members up for success. Plaid allows users to view upcoming audits and installs in both a calendar and list view so they never miss a task.

Step Two: View Site Details and Instructions

Plaid allows field users to view individual tasks or site details and instructions marked for completion, including:

  • Work order/client information
  • Hours of operation
  • Job summary
  • Location geo-map
  • Individual tasks
  • And more

Step Three: Complete and Submit

With Plaid, field users can fill out and complete all tasks from their tablet or mobile phones in real-time. Once all task items have been completed, job information is automatically pushed to the administrator for review. Have the piece of mind everything in your job audit has been completed.

Why Choose Plaid?

At FSG Smart Buildings, we understand how difficult it can be to effectively manage site audits and installations. That's why we built Plaid to be fully customizable, so it can be developed and scaled to meet your specific business needs. Regardless of the size or type of business you operate, Plaid is here to help you modernize your site audit and QA documentation. Some of the most common applications of Plaid currently include:

  • Lighting retrofit audits
  • EMS/BAS audits
  • HVAC audits
  • "Blue tape" audits
  • IT hardware management
  • Construction audits
  • And more

Any device. Any system. Any facility. Any time. Automating your buildings has never been easier.

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