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Controls Packages

Lighting and HVAC Controls Simplified

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With the Wired and Wireless Controls Packages from FSG Smart Buildings, simplify your lighting and HVAC controls with a low-cost, easily scalable controls solution. Remotely command and control your lighting and HVAC across your portfolio from the Chariot platform.

Affordable, turnkey lighting and HVAC controls for your business have never been easier.

Low-cost controls
Lighting on/off control
HVAC setpoint control
Custom notifications
Easy installation
Lighting dimming control
Lighting/HVAC schedules
And more

Easy-to-Use Software Interface

Manage your lighting and HVAC programs across your entire portfolio through the Chariot platform by FSG Smart Buildings.

Global Command & Control

Dim or turn your lights on/off, adjust HVAC setpoints and manage operating schedules at your locations for maximum efficiency.

Custom Alerts & Notifications

Customize your lighting and HVAC alerts to be instantly notified of changes and trend data to identify critical system issues.

24/7  Monitoring & Support

FSG's team of experts is equipped to help you triage alarms, troubleshoot  issues and dispatch lighting & HVAC techs as needed.

Controls Packages We Offer

At FSG Smart Buildings, we understand that finding an affordable lighting and HVAC controls solution can be taxing. That's why we created the Wired and Wireless Control Packages to help businesses easily deploy building automation controls in a cost-effective manner. Both systems are run entirely from the Chariot platform by FSG Smart Buildings and can be easily scalable to meet the needs of your business.

Wired Controls Package

The Wired Controls Package is a BACnet-compatible solution providing up to three zones of lighting control and HVAC remote control and visibility.
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Wireless Controls Package

The Wireless Controls Package is a Zigbee-compatible solution providing lighting and smart thermostat control through a custom-built wireless gateway.
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Wired Controls Package

About the Solution

The Wired Controls Package by FSG Smart Buildings is a low-cost, BACnet-compatible wired controls solution that provides up to three zones of lighting control and HVAC remote control and visibility of real-time fan, heating/cooling status and space/supply air temperatures. The solution that can be easily added to when additional equipment is installed and runs on the Chariot platform by FSG Smart Buildings.

  • Wired, BACnet system compatible with any BACnet device
  • Up to three zones of lighting controls
  • HVAC setpoint control
  • Visibility of fan, heating/cooling status & space/supply air temp
  • Easily expandable and scalable across entire portfolio
  • And more
Industry Applications

While the Wired Controls Package works across all industries, we specifically recommend this solution in places where wired connections are necessary, such as industrial buildings with a lot of concrete or government service buildings.

Wireless Controls Package

About the Solution

The Wireless Controls Package by FSG Smart Buildings is a low-cost, wireless Zigbee solution for lighting and HVAC controls. With just a Zigbee gateway, wireless thermostats and light switches, FSG can provide lighting and HVAC control to users through the Chariot platform.

  • Low-cost, completely wireless controls solution
  • Compatible with any Zigbee thermostats and light switches
  • Lighting on/off and dimming control
  • HVAC global setpoint control
  • Lighting & HVAC schedule control
  • And more
About Our Wireless Gateway

When setting up your building automation system, the primary cost factor is the hardware being used in the project, which is why FSG has developed a custom gateway specifically for the Wireless Controls Package. With a lower-cost alternative to the traditional IoT controllers the market has known for years, this powerful gateway can easily handle rules and logic for hundreds of devices and contains large amounts of storage for logging data and offline functionality - all while still delivering the same power and connectivity needed for world-class BAS demands. 

Industry Applications

Because the Wireless Controls Package is completely wireless and easy to deploy, it works in almost any industry. It is specifically recommended for commercial businesses looking for simplistic lighting and HVAC control.

  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Retail
  • Office spaces
  • Convenience stores
  • And more


A Smart Platform for Smart Controls

With the Chariot platform by FSG Smart Buildings, you can remotely command and control your lighting and HVAC systems in real-time. Control your lighting, change setpoints and set global schedules, trend data and set custom notifications to immediately alert crucial staff of any temperature or system issues.

In addition, utilize Chariot’s asset management features to keep track of all your critical lighting and HVAC system information, including serial numbers, manufacturer guides, scheduled maintenance and more.

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Need Help Supporting Your Controls Package?

FSG Smart Buildings has you covered. Our 24/7/365 Customer Support Center is staffed with lighting and HVAC technicians, engineers and controls experts equipped to help you triage alarms, troubleshoot mechanical problems and de-escalate issues in real-time.

  • EMS-related troubleshooting
  • HVAC setpoint and schedule changes
  • Electrician and mechanical  technician dispatching
  • And more
  • Weekly HVAC health reporting
  • Dedicated account management
  • Work order tracking
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