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Reactive Lighting

Enhance Occupant Experience with Reactive Lighting

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Take your business to the next level with lighting that visually responds to your environment. Using RGB lighting controls through the Chariot platform, give your occupants a lighting experience unlike any other.

Create a unique experience with color-changing lighting that interacts with and responds to the space around you.

Whether you own one or thousands of locations, deploying customizable RGB lighting solutions can help create specialized brand or building experiences for occupants and employees alike. FSG's Reactive Lighting Solutions work with any DMX or Wi-Fi RGB lighting brands and are easily scalable to accomodate multi-site companies.

Enhance Occupant Experience

Give your occupants a fun and immersive  experience with reactive lighting.

Create Custom Programs

Customize how you want your lighting's color to change based on conditional data.

Easy-to-Use Software Platform

Access your Reactive Lighting Solution from FSG's cloud-based Chariot platform.

Trends & Notifications

View your historical lighting trends & set up custom notifications to alert you of changes.

Types of Reactive Lighting

Environmental Reactive Lighting™

Choose conditional data sets and rules to customize the color of the lighting of your buildings to create personalized experiences for your occupants.
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Fitness Reactive Lighting™

Using real-time biometric or equipment data, change the color of your lights based on individual fitness intensity to create a unique workout experience.
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Environmental Reactive Lighting™

About the Solution

The Environmental Reactive Lighting Solution by FSG Smart Buildings allows businesses to choose any set of collected data to customize the color-changing properties of their lighting. Create personalized building and brand experiences custom-designed for your business.

  • Utilize any set of collectable data to control RGB lights
  • And more
Example Applications

Because it can operate using any collectable data, Environmental Reactive Lighting Solutions are completely customizable to any industry. If you have a specific application in mind or are looking to solve for a particular pain point, FSG Smart Buildings is ready and able to help design, develop and deploy a custom Environmental Reactive Lighting Solution to meet your needs.  Example applications include:

Call Centers

Change the light color above individual desks or in the room based on average call time or time on hold to increase productivity.


Alter the light colors in the kitchen based on the occupancy of the dining or lobby area to encourage expediting food orders for quicker table turnover times.


Indicate any potential temperature issues or food spoilage events with color changing lights based on the temperature reading of industrial-sized coolers and freezers.


Change the light color above registers to indicate cashier availability or above changing rooms to signal station availability.

Fitness Reactive Lighting™

About the Solution

The Fitness Reactive Lighting Solution by FSG Smart Buildings takes fitness studios to the next level with lighting that visually responds to the achievements of the members. Using real-time biometric data or equipment data, lighting changes colors based on individual fitness intensity to create a workout experience unlike any other.

  • Enhance fitness experience
  • Create engaging ambient environment
  • Increase motivation
  • Remote control via the Chariot platform
  • Provides singular fitness experience at all gym locations
  • And more
Example Applications

Your Fitness Reactive Lighting solution can be custom tailored to the specific needs of your fitness environment. Customize how you want your lighting to react based on the conditional data found in your workout facility such as:

  • Heart rate data
  • Treadmill speed
  • Mileage acheivement
  • Reps on rowing, spinning or elliptical equipment
  • Duration of exercise
  • And more

How It Works

Reactive Lighting Solutions utilize sets of conditional data to customize the color-changing properties of the lighting. Using a lighting control server as the core of the system, FSG's Reactive Lighting Solutions run through the Chariot platform for one easy-to-use application.


A Smart Platform for Reactive Lighting

Designed with multi-site businesses in mind, Chariot provides a friendly and adaptive UI from which monitor and act on your reactive lighting controls.

View your lighting trends and create custom programs to color tune your lights based on your specific use cases.

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Need Help Supporting Your Reactive Lighting Solution?

FSG Smart Buildings has you covered. Our 24/7/365 Customer Support Center is staffed with engineers, controls experts and SMEs equipped to help you set up custom programs, troubleshoot electrical problems and de-escalate issues in real-time.

  • Instant alerts and escalation paths
  • Custom SLAs based on your needs
  • Technician dispatching
  • And more
  • Weekly health reporting
  • Dedicated account management
  • Work order tracking
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Any device. Any system. Any facility. Any time. Automating your buildings has never been easier.

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