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Refrigeration Monitoring

Monitor Your Temperatures in Real-Time

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Automate your temperature logging to reduce food spoilage, save costs and ensure health code compliance. Be instantly alerted in real-time of any temperature issues to protect your inventory.

Automated temperature logging designed for efficiency.

With the Refrigeration Monitoring Solution from FSG Smart Buildings, get real-time information about the temperatures of refrigerators, coolers and more from the Chariot platform. Be instantly notified when temperatures are out of safe ranges with customizable notifications and alarms and set up custom reports for health code compliance.

Improve productivity
Guaranteed accuracy
Health code compliance
Remote access
Complete record keeping
Actionable intelligence
Detect equipment health
Data trends and analysis
Inventory protection
Unlimited data retention
Open door alerts
Energy savings
On-demand, time-stamped temperatures
Early alerts to prevent spoilage events
Custom notifications
And more

Protect Food Inventory

Keep your hot foods hot and your cold foods cold to protect your inventory.

Ensure Health Code Compliance

Automate logging for health code compliance reporting.

Save Time and Money

Reduce man hours spent manually logging temperature for code compliance.

Real-Time Notifications

Use the Chariot platform to be instantly notified of any temperature issues.

Keep Your Food out of the Danger Zone

Considering the average food spoilage event could mean thousands of dollars in inventory, ensuring your temperatures are within the acceptable range is crucial to both protect your inventory and protect your customers from contracting a food-borne illness. The following temperatures are mandated by the USDA Food and Inspection Service for safety.

40 °F - The maximum temperature for cold food

140 °F - The minimum temperature for hot food

20 minutes - The amount of time food can be outside the proper temperature range before rapid bacteria growth sets in connected to illnesses

How It Works

At FSG Smart Buildings, we understand food safety is a critical priority. That's why we have built the Refrigeration Monitoring Solution to be as easy as possible. FSG is equipped to handle the entire process, from system design to deployment to monitoring to ensure your solution is handled to your exact specifications.

About the Solution

FSG installs wireless temperature sensors throughout your location's coolers, walk-in freezers and anywhere acquiring temperature data is desired. These sensors gather temperature data every 5-15 minutes and send that data to the Chariot platform. With sensors continuously providing data, Chariot signals when temperatures are out of safe temperature ranges via custom alerts and notifications. Chariot also gives users the ability to export their historical temperature data as a report for health code compliance.

Industry Applications

The Refrigeration Monitoring Solution is recommended for any industry that offers foodservice. Regardless of the size or type of buildings you have, the solution is scalable to meet the needs of any portfolio.

  • Restaurants
  • Convenience stores
  • Hotels
  • Grocery stores
  • Warehouses
  • And more


A Smart Platform for Refrigeration Monitoring

Designed with multi-site businesses in mind, Chariot provides a friendly and adaptive UI from which you can monitor your temperature sensors alongside your other energy management and automation systems.

Set custom alerts and notifications so you are instantly notified of any health code compliance issues or potential food spoilage events.

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Need Help Supporting Your Refrigeration Solution?

FSG Smart Buildings has you covered. Our 24/7/365 Customer Support Center is staffed with engineers, controls experts and SMEs equipped to help you triage alarms, troubleshoot mechanical problems and de-escalate issues in real-time.

  • Instant alerts and escalation paths
  • Custom SLAs based on your needs
  • Technician dispatching
  • And more
  • Weekly health reporting
  • Dedicated account management
  • Work order tracking
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Automated Food Temperature Logs

Learn more about the benefits of automated temperature logging and how easy it is to deploy a refrigeration monitoring solution with FSG Smart Buildings.

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