Make your smart building technology work harder for you.

We help you improve energy efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and prepare your assets and operations for the future.

Maximize your investment

Maximize your investment

Keep your tech at its peak

Keep your tech at its peak

Work with a trusted advisor

Work with a trusted advisor

You made an intelligent (and BIG) investment in energy controls and smart building technology. That's why you can't afford...

Slow service and support

Slow service & support

What good is a "service provider" who can't respond to your call for hours?

Costly extra tech visits

Costly extra tech visits

Each time a service van rolls to one of your buildings, it hurts your bottom line.

Delays _ distruptions

Delays & distruptions

If your provider is constantly in your buildings, they're damaging your ability to work.

FSG Smart Buildings gives you back control over your smart building technology.

From 24/7 monitoring and support, to complete design and installation of new systems, our team is here to help you save money and maintain peak efficiency.

Most service calls are answered within seconds

Most service calls are answered within seconds, and resolved in minutes — not hours or days

Industry-best monitoring slashes expensive

Industry-best monitoring slashes expensive, disruptive technician visits

We help you stay at the leading edge of smart building tech

We help you stay at the leading edge of smart building tech, saving big well into the future

Our services and solutions are all powered by the best people, parts, and partners in the industry.

Three steps to more efficiency and lower costs.


Start your project

Tell us your needs. How can FSG Smart Buildings serve you today?


Find the answer

We’ll work together to design a solution that addresses those pressing questions.


Maximize your tech

With FSG Smart Buildings at your side, you can enjoy savings, great service, and confidence in your systems for years into the future.

Your trusted smart buildings advisor

FSG Smart Buildings helps you get the most from your investment, your technology, and your service relationship. Our business is to support and monitor your systems, or to create and install an entirely new smart building environment. Either way, FSG’s top priority is our relationship with you.

Our people, parts, and partners are the best in the energy controls game. You can always trust that you’re getting the right service at the right time, and that your controls systems are always operating at their peak. But FSG Smart Buildings cares about more than just today. We’re here for the long-haul, providing tools and strategies to make sure your business is continually growing in its capacity for smart (and energy efficient) operations.

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25 Years of excellent service


Years of excellent service

10,000+ Sites currently supported


Sites currently supported



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