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Get your buildings and equipment talking and working together

Automation is amazing, as long as the systems are actually communicating with each other and doing their jobs. If you've got legacy systems that won't cooperate, we can help. If you're just starting from scratch and need an entire automation solution designed and installed, we can help. FSG Smart Buildings is your guide to building and equipment automation that talks, works, and saves you money.

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Collect (and use) vital data to improve performance and save more money

Take advantage of custom-made Internet of Things (IoT) solutions from FSG Smart Buildings so you can keep an eye on the health and effectiveness of your resources, equipment, and buildings. Our sensor systems can monitor everything from temperature and humidity levels, to water leaks, motion detection, and more. Don't let your business get blindsided. IoT sensors give you the information you need to act proactively.

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Trust the experts in high-touch, high quality system monitoring

Your systems require constant attention in order to function at their peak. The monitoring pros at FSG Smart Buildings are here for you. We offer simple monthly packages, all the way up to our premium White Glove Service. With help from our team, you can set your systems and forget them. Let us do all the work while you reap the rewards of keeping your vital systems in tip-top shape.

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Maximize efficiency, maximize your investments

When you put money into energy efficient upgrades, you need those upgrades to perform and pay off. Let FSG Smart Buildings help protect your investment by maintaining (and maximizing) those upgrades. Through remote monitoring, advanced analytics, and proactive strategizing, we'll keep your equipment performing at its peak.

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Deploy automation and smart building solutions to locations across the US

With more than 1,000 in-house technical experts and hundreds of qualified partners around the country, FSG Smart Buildings has the people and the know-how you need to put smart tech to work at all your business's US locations. Whether you've got 100 sites, or 10,000, we're the team to rely on for nationwide rollouts. Take your whole company into the energy efficient future, and do it more easily, with help from FSG Smart Buildings.

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FSG Smart Buildings is your complete source for building automation systems, service, and support.

From start to finish, our team has your back.



We begin with informed hypotheses that cover all the angles.

Pilot Projects

Pilot Projects

Rigorous testing provides us with real-world validation of our solutions.


National Installs

Fast rollouts at up to thousands of locations, all kept to a minimum of disruption.

Easy Access

Easy Access

Chariot, the online window to your entire portfolio, is easy to access anywhere.

Monitor and Maintain

Monitor & Maintain

Truck rolls are kept at a minimum through remote troubleshooting and maintenance.

24-7 Support

24/7 Support

When service is required, you can count on us for speedy, accurate fixes.

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Chariot is the one platform you need to control your smart lighting technology across thousands of locations.

User-friendly and versatile, Chariot works with mixed and legacy systems, as well as 
purpose-built configurations.


Command & control

Simplify and unify lighting and HVAC control across your entire portfolio to maximize savings and performance.


Real-time monitoring

See your entire system at a glance, and provide technicians with real-time data to improve decision-making.


Customizable alerts

Choose what to see and when to see it with Chariot's custom rule-making engine. Adjust everything to fit your workflow.


Seamless integration

No need to worry about expensive rip and replace work. Chariot works easily with existing hardware and protocols.

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