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Retail Cybersecurity: Peace of Mind Delivered with Building Automation Systems

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For multi-site retail property owners, new digital technologies and services represent both a blessing and a curse.  With every new innovation in payment technology designed to streamline operations and provide added convenience for customers, there is an associated cybersecurity risk that business owners must manage.

Just a few years ago, it was possible for businesses to consider advanced cybersecurity measures as an optional decision, or maybe a good idea they could consider in the future.  The future has arrived.

The substantial losses that can result from data breaches are a sad fact of normal business operations today.  But even if you know your current security measures are insufficient or out of date, how are you supposed to confidently improve your security profile if cybersecurity is not what you do best?

Building Automation Systems Deliver Cybersecurity Bonus

Today, the best cybersecurity options for retail businesses are tied to a robust Building Automation System (BAS).  Simply stated, building automation involves centralized management of a facility’s HVAC, electrical, lighting, security, and other related systems through one distributed control system.  

Building automation systems rely on the computer networking of electronic devices within a given facility to monitor and control their operation.  While the primary benefits of building automation involve energy usage and operating cost reductions, a well-designed BAS can provide dramatic cybersecurity enhancements as well.

Therefore, the best bet for multi-site retail operations interested in enhanced cybersecurity involves managed network security solutions through a robust BAS.  You need an experienced service provider that specializes in delivering an optimized BAS backed by ongoing threat monitoring and intelligence.

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FSG Smart Buildings – BAS and Cybersecurity Delivered

FSG Smart Buildings BAS solutions deliver best practices and reduced energy consumption for retail properties, and our nationwide team supports your efforts to scale these solutions across large organizations.

By leveraging real-time data and trends, our team can proactively impact building maintenance budgets and practices, and ensure OPEX savings on top of dramatic energy use reductions.

But OPEX savings and enhanced operations are only the beginning of what FSG’s smart building solutions can do for your business.  With FSG, cybersecurity can move from a subject of worry to no worry at all.

Finally…Building Automation that Puts Security First

At FSG, we deliver lasting value with our building automation solutions by ensuring that security is the fundamental feature.  Our BAS solutions utilize air-gapped network architecture to remove the vulnerabilities common with other BAS designs.

Additionally, our BAS solutions are designed to utilize WireGuard software protocols and encrypted virtual private networks (VPNs) to deliver ease of use, high speed performance, and the lowest possible exposure to malicious attacks.  

With a system architecture designed around air gaps and separation, supported by WireGuard’s advanced cryptography, your critical business data is protected and secure like never before with BAS solutions from FSG.

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Call FSG Smart Buildings for Retail Cybersecurity Answers

Before we deliver the components that automate your facilities, we are proud to deliver the answers to your building automation and cybersecurity questions.  In a world full of rapidly evolving technologies, sometimes reliable information is the most important thing you need.


If you are an IT professional in charge of managing network security across a multi-property portfolio, make sure you have FSG Smart Buildings on your speed dial.  For multi-site property owners and facility managers, we are always happy to discuss your particular challenges.  

FSG Delivers Enhanced Facility Operations that Lead with Security

For multi-site retail property owners, FSG Smart Buildings offers BAS solutions that deliver proactive results month after month, and year after year.  Our data management and 24-7 Call Center response team support businesses with documented results and a verifiable ROI.

At FSG Smart Buildings, we specialize in multi-site retail facilities up to 20,000 square feet.  Our BAS solutions deliver immediate savings, optimized multi-system performance, predictive, less expensive maintenance, and above all, peace of mind through enhanced cybersecurity.

Contact FSG Smart Buildings today to find out how we can put security first with building automation.

If you are interested in learning more about building automation and data analysis that delivers measurable results for customers, come work for us!  FSG Smart Buildings is hiring talented people who are looking for a great career in building automation.