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A Smart Platform for Smart Buildings

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Designed with multi-site energy management and building automation systems in mind, Chariot is the cloud-based software platform for real-time control, monitoring and analysis of building systems.

A Smart Platform for Smart Buildings

Chariot is the cloud-based software platform for unifying all your building and operational technology. Bring your energy, asset and IoT data together.

Your systems may be complex, but managing them shouldn’t be.  With Chariot, control, visibility and automation have never been easier.

Command & Control

Control your lighting and HVAC across your entire portfolio to help reduce energy spend and maintain environment comfort.

Real-Time Monitoring

Identify & analyze issues as they occur and give technicians real-time data to diagnose equipment abnormalities & verify repairs.

Customizable Alerts

Use Chariot's built-in rule engine to create your own notifications & custom escalation paths according to your workflow.

Seamless Integration

Chariot is hardware and protocol agnostic and can sit on top of existing equipment, meaning there is no need to rip and replace.

Multi-Site Command and Control

Chariot is designed with multi-site businesses in mind. Command and control your lighting & HVAC across your entire portfolio to help reduce energy spend and maintain environment comfort. View your systems on a global map or individual floor plan view and group similar sites together for easy control.

  • Lighting on/off control
  • Dimming control
  • Global HVAC setpoint adjustments
  • Schedules for lighting/HVAC
  • Global map view
  • Custom site grouping
  • Floorplan view

Equipment Monitoring

In addition to being able to command and control your building environments, Chariot allows you to monitor other critical pieces of equipment in real-time.

Systems monitored include:

  • Lighting
  • Signage
  • HVAC
  • Refrigeration
  • Energy meters
  • IoT sensors
  • Security systems
  • And more

Asset Management

Keep track of all your critical assets and know when to act. Serving as your virtual filing cabinet, Chariot gives you a secure, cloud-based repository for all equipment, warranty and service data. Customize your asset data to avoid unnecessary expenses and frustration on recurring and unexpected repairs. Chariot keeps track of:

  • Manufacturer information
  • Vendor information
  • Installation dates
  • Warranty tracking
  • Service tracking
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Serial numbers
  • Inspection dates
  • Lease tracking
  • Insurance coverage
  • QR codes

Data Analysis and Energy Dashboard

Capturing equipment and facility data is only as useful as the tools you have to analyze it. Chariot allows for multiple data visualization modes so you can view your data however you see fit. Plot multiple data points from various pieces of equipment to run remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance, view all your energy KPIs in a custom energy dashboard and export data reports for distribution.

  • Unlimited data retention
  • Data visualization
  • Plot multiple data points
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Export all reports
  • Custom energy dashboard
  • Remote diagnostics & fault detection

Custom Alerts and Notifications

With Chariot’s built-in rule engine, never be left in the dark again. Create your own notifications and custom escalation paths according to your workflow. Receive alerts through the Chariot dashboard, email or text message based on your personal preference. 

  • Rule engine for building custom alerts
  • Custom escalation paths
  • Alerts via in-app, email or text

Want to Learn More?

Imagine one log-in to manage all your systems. App features include mobile view for phone and tablet, map for all locations in a single glance, site page for all your critical notifications and controls and dynamic floor plan and equipment editor.

Why Choose Chariot?

At FSG Smart Buildings, we understand how difficult it is to procure, install, monitor and maintain energy management and building automation systems. That's why we built Chariot to be hardware and protocol agnostic, so it can easily integrate with any existing systems or be a part of a brand new solution using the best equipment for the job. Whether you have one building or thousands of buildings, Chariot is your partner for simplified automation across any market or industry. Control, visibility and automation have never been easier.

Hardware & Protocol Agnostic

Chariot integrates with most wired and wireless automation protocols, meaning there is no need to rip and replace your current EMS/BAS solution. Chariot sits on top of existing equipment and allows everything to keep working as expected, but in a more efficient, data-rich manner. Chariot integrates with the following wired and wireless protocols:

  • Modbus
  • BACnet
  • LonWorks
  • Niagara
  • 900 mHz
  • Wifi
  • Zigbee
  • Cloud APIs
  • And more

Works in Any Industry

Because Chariot is hardware agnostic and scalable across portfolios of all shapes and sizes, Chariot works seamlessly in almost every industry.

Some of the most common markets served include:

  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Convenience stores
  • Grocery chains
  • And more
  • Warehouses
  • GSA buildings
  • Offices
  • Housing/Apartments

Any device. Any system. Any facility. Any time. Automating your buildings has never been easier.

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