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Lighting Controls

Leave old-fashioned switches behind when you upgrade your lights to intelligent sensors and controls. You can manage usage, create dynamic lighting scenes, harvest daylight, and more to save on energy and improve lighting effectiveness. With the addition of the Chariot software platform, you'll have user-friendly tools that make saving even easier.


HVAC Controls

Put the power back in your hands with tech that lets you command, control, and monitor multiple HVAC systems in real-time. Our easy software interface makes it a snap to remotely manage setpoints, set schedules, prepare preventative maintenance, and more. From new controls systems, to support of existing tech, we've got you covered.


Smart Metering

If your company's equipment is its lifeblood, you need the ability to meter and monitor its usage anytime, anywhere. Smart metering through the Chariot platform gives unprecedented visibility into all your data. Get real-time alerts, measurement and verification info, custom analytics, and more to keep your equipment safe and strong.

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Sign Monitoring

Your sign is your brand, and it's often the first thing customers see when they come to you. Don't let their first impression be a bad one. Our sign monitoring capabilities keep you informed at all times. From power losses to maintenance needs to energy management, our Chariot software platform will be your eyes on all of your company's crucial signs.


Refrigeration Monitoring

Keep cool (or colder!) with constant refrigeration monitoring. The Chariot platform gives you a window into your refrigerators, coolers, and chillers so you can manage energy costs and make sure food stays safe. Improve the health and longevity of your refrigeration equipment with help from Chariot's vigilant watch.


Controls Packages

Wired or wireless, one site or thousands, FSG Smart Buildings can design and install complete controls packages that you can scale across your entire business. Unify major systems like lighting and HVAC within a single architecture. Chariot makes it simple to maximize and monitor your controls, while our service team supports you remotely.


Energy Management Systems

Investing in smart building technology is an intelligent, environmentally-conscious path to better operational performance and savings. Make sure that investment is working for you with multi-site energy management systems (EMS) that can scale across thousands of locations. Our Chariot software gives you visibility and control for your entire EMS.

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Chariot is the one platform you need to control your smart lighting technology across thousands of locations.

User-friendly and versatile, Chariot works with mixed and legacy systems, as well as 
purpose-built configurations.


Command & control

Simplify and unify lighting and HVAC control across your entire portfolio to maximize savings and performance.


Real-time monitoring

See your entire system at a glance, and provide technicians with real-time data to improve decision-making.


Customizable alerts

Choose what to see and when to see it with Chariot's custom rule-making engine. Adjust everything to fit your workflow.


Seamless integration

No need to worry about expensive rip and replace work. Chariot works easily with existing hardware and protocols.

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