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Sign Monitoring

Protect Your Brand with Sign Monitoring

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Your sign is your brand and the first thing your customers see. FSG designs, fabricates and installs signs complete with smart metering for real-time alerts of any power loss or maintenance issues.

Immediately know when your sign needs repair.
Never waste another moment.

Protect Brand and Image

Keep your brand signs bright and inviting for potential customers.

Real-Time Alerts

Be notified of a sign outage or component failure in real-time via email, text or phone.

Measurement & Verification

Keep track of your energy usage for measurement and verification.

Minimize Sign Downtime

Work with FSG's team of experts to dispatch sign technicians as soon as possible.

Turnkey Smart Signage Solutions Made Easy

Your trusted parter for all things signage. At FSG, we design, fabricate install, monitor and service signs nationwide. Regardless of the number or types of signs you need, FSG is here every step of the way to ensure your signs are always shining bright.

Sign Design, Fabrication, Install & Service

The signage division of FSG has decades of experience designing, fabricating, installing and servicing signs of any size or nature. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, FSG Signs can handle any of your custom signage needs to your exact specifications.
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Sign Monitoring Solutions

FSG Smart Buildings works in tandem with FSG Signs to equip signs with smart metering capabilities. Once installed, monitor and act on your signs in real-time via the Chariot platform to know instantly of any sign maintenance or power loss issues.
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Sign Design, Fabrication, Install & Service

About FSG Signs

The signage division of FSG provides full service sign solutions. Our 53,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility in Austin, Texas works with companies across the country and has decades of experience manufacturing turnkey signage solutions for all industries, such as hospitals, multi-site retail and restaurant chains, and professional sports stadiums. With FSG, we've got your covered for the life of your sign.

  • Custom sign designs
  • Sign installation
  • 24/7 sign maintenance
  • Sign fabrication
  • Sign repair
  • Sign packages

For more information about FSG signs, please use the link below to be transferred to our corporate website.

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Sign Monitoring Solutions

About the Solution

FSG can install smart metering capabilities on an existing sign or on a new sign being fabricated by FSG Signs. Once installed, users can monitor their signs for as little as one LED being burned out from the Chariot platform. Users can set up custom notifications and be alerted via email, text or phone of any signage issues.

Need help monitoring your signs? Our Customer Support Center is equipped with automation experts, electricians and SMEs who remotely monitor and troubleshoot signs as well as dispatch technicians as needed to fix signs with minimal downtime.

Industry Applications

The Sign Monitoring Solution works for any industry. It is most ideal for businesses with multiple locations looking for an easy way to manage all their signs remotely, such as restaurant, hotel, retail and convenience store chains.


A Smart Platform for Smart Sign Monitoring

With the Chariot platform by FSG Smart Buildings, you can remotely monitor your signs in real-time. View consumption data to identify any abnormalities. Set custom notifications so you're immediately notified of even the smallest signage issue.

In addition, analyze sign meter data for measurement and verification and compare historical data in the energy dashboard.

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Sign Montioring Basics

Learn more about how FSG Smart Buildings can design and deploy a sign monitoring solution to protect your brand, using the convenience store industry as an example.

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1 Tell us about your building automation goals.
2 FSG will design, integrate and install a sign monitoring solution that fits your needs.
3 See and act on your system anytime, anywhere with the Chariot platform.

Any device. Any system. Any facility. Any time. Automating your buildings has never been easier.

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