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Mexican Corn Day

Mexican Corn June - 2023

What is Elote? In Spanish, the word elote means “corn cob.” Mexican elote refers to Mexican street corn, commonly sold by street vendors, which is corn on the cob with mayo, crema, lime juice, cotija, paprika, chili powder, and cilantro.

Corn dates back to 6600 B.C.E, when the crop was first grown in Honduras. Over time the crop has spread to all reaches of human society, cementing its place as one of the most widespread crops on earth. Street vendors created the street corn known as the Mexican version of corn in the early 1900s. Mexican street food, called antojitos or “little cravings,” would typically come from vendors selling corn on the cob topped with toppings. Street corn is a Meixan stable that is enjoyed worldwide today.

In June, one of FSG Smart Buildings’ project coordinators wanted to share her heritage and her recipe for Mexican street corn with her coworkers. So we decided to make it an employee appreciation event. Employees from each department chipped in to help set up, prepare, grill, serve, and clean up for the entire team. 

The event was such a hit that it could become an annual occurrence. Thank you to the employees who volunteered to help and all of our employees for being… well, for being so great!