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Another GSD Monday


At FSG Smart Buildings, we believe values matter.  When people tour our office, they can see plenty of evidence of that as our values are posted in many places. 

Recently one of our employees (Terri Campbell) had a great idea.  She wanted to design a shirt that all employees would proudly wear.  Terri decided the best way to do this was to ask her coworkers to help with the design.  Because our team has fun, it was no surprise that the office decided Value #5 would be used for printing after polling.

Employees left to right: Terri Campbell, Alex Zelaya

For those that have never been to our office or have not seen our values posted in our conference room while on video meetings, here is a list:

         Employees left to right: Terri Campbell, Alex Zelaya

Core Values

  1. We Are Real

Demonstrate integrity and authenticity by being open and honest in your dealings with others.

  • We Are Owners

Take ownership. Maintain a high “say/do” ratio – commit and follow through.

  • We Are Helpful

See and act. Do the right thing. Be caring.

  • We Are Team Players

Communicate well, be proactive, collaborate. No silos, no hoarding of knowledge. Smart, Hungry, & Humble team players.

  • We Get $#!+ Done

Every day counts; deliver value daily.

Aspirational Values

  1. Quality Matters

Take pride in delivering good work

  • Take Chances

Be creative and flexible. Iterate and improve. Fail fast and keep learning.

  • Have a Heart

Bring passion and energy to the work and compassion and understanding to others.

Many times it’s the simple things, like company shirts, that can help boost morale.  However, creating an inclusive environment that allows employees to be creative, provides freedom, and supports learning opportunities is the best joy of all.

Employees from our Customer Support Center, Left to right: Alexander Nelson, Alexis Camacho, Chasity Rine, Gabriel Marquez, Gary Enloe, Chris Rollings, Felicia Collins, Eric Bowers, Shaquea Friar, Tim Martin, Jon Steen, Michael Lopez, Willie Avelar, Diego Salinas