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5G Small Cell Deployment

Speed Up 5G Small Cell Construction with FSG Power Packs

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FSG's patent-pending 5G Power Pack helps provide power within one business day so small cell nodes can be up and running 2-6 weeks faster. Eliminate utility power delays and utilize your Power Pack as a battery back up for the future.

Power up Your 5G installation within one business day.

Utility crews can work quickly, but often times utility power hookups can take 2-6 weeks before energizing. At FSG, we understand this delay directly impacts the activation, commissioning and testing of new small cell node equipment.

That's why we developed the patent-pending FSG  Power Pack for 5G small cell construction nodes. This system, able to be installed by any licensed electrician, provides battery power to your 5G pole within one business day to expedite connection and ensure a source of backup power for years to come. Add solar power to your Power Pack for additional tax benefits and extended battery life.

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Speed to Market

The Power Pack allows you to power your 5G small cell node is one business day.

Reduce Operating Costs

Reduce the operating cost of your 5G small cell node with additional power.

Available Tax Incentives

Utilize federal tax credits for solar to reduce the cost of your 5G small cell project.

Backup Power & Reliability

In the case of a future power outage, the  Power Pack can supply backup power.

How the FSG Power Pack Works


Choose Your Power Pack Enclosure

FSG offers two different sizes of Power Pack enclosures, able to support battery runtimes of up to 48 hours.


Choose Your Power Pack Battery Technology

Lead Acid Battery

  • Lowest entry cost
  • Heaviest
  • 6 hrs/battery

Lithium Ion Battery

  • 50% faster charging
  • Lighter weight & higher quality
  • 8 hrs/battery


Select Battery Recharge Service

FSG Recharge Services

Never worry about your 5G small cell nodes. With the FSG Recharge Service, we will deploy teams to recharge your Power Pack batteries continually until permanent power is turned on.

Generator Interconnect

FSG can install a generator charge port as part of your Power Pack, allowing you to connect generators to recharge your batteries as needed on site.

Modular Charge Station

Purchase your own modular charge station to keep charged batteries on hand to swap with exhausted ones. Routinely recharge your batteries and service your 5G systems as needed.


Get Free Money by Adding Solar

By adding solar panels to your Power Pack solution, you can increase your battery run time by 10% per solar panel and ensure your batteries are charged in the case of a future power outage.

In addition, the IRS allows companies to reduce their tax burden in two ways if they invest in on-site renewable projects. By including solar panels as part of your 5G small cell installation, your business can greatly benefit from tax credits and accelerated depreciation. FSG will work to ensure your Solar Power Pack project gets you the most credits possible to reduce the overall cost of your 5G system.

1. Federal Tax Credit

The investment tax credit (ITC) is a dollar for dollar credit that will reduce your federal tax burden by 26% of the cost of the system purchased in 2020. This credit applies to the cost of the structure as well for being part of a solar installation.

2. Accelerated Depreciation

The Modified Advanced Cost Recovery System (MACRS) allows businesses to depreciate a solar asset in five years. This reduces tax liability and further adds value to the program.

About FSG Wireless

Our Wireless team focuses solely on providing turnkey solutions of 5G small cell infrastructure services to carriers on a national basis. In addition to providing the FSG Solar Power Pack, the Wireless team is able to support rapid deployments of 5G small cell projects.

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